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    ShengDa Company Profile

    Ningbo Shengda low noise discharging fan Co., Ltd. is located in the convenient transportation and good investment environment in Ningbo Jiangbei Industrial Zone, the main production dehumidifier, mobile air conditioner, all kinds of industry and trade ventilator enterprises to set in 1999, all employees excellent technology, rich experience, advanced preparation. Company to technology as the leading, with all kinds of outstanding technical personnel and the continuous innovation of the ideological consciousness, and constantly introduce perfect shape, high quality products, and exported to Europe and the United states. The company has a complete testing tools and testing equipment, thus ensuring product quality, and to achieve excellence. Company strictly control from product design, production management, materials into the factory has been to the factory. In recent years, the company adhering to the "safety, energy saving, innovation, development," the corporate policy to continue to open up business, improve product quality, with a good reputation to win customers.

    The company through the practice and the results of a few years, and gradually formed a strong technical, advanced management, standardized operation of the team. At present, the domestic production of the energy efficiency of only about 2 of the energy efficiency, the company produced energy efficiency of 2.8, in the United States market was named energy star.

    Company can order various types of refrigeration products, sheet metal processing, etc., are welcome to inquire.




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